Sega recruiting for new European studio, PS Vita game

Rumors have been floating around for a little while now, but based on the “Help Wanted” listings and newly registered trademarks, it’s probably safe to call it official–Sega’s new European Studio is being called “Hardlight”. This brand new team, founded by former members of Sega’s racing studio, has already announced their first project–a “unique action-adventure” game developed exclusively for release on the Playstation Vita later this year.

While there’s no official confirmation on the game’s title, the general belief now is that it shares the same name as its developer, though the only evidence that seems to support this is the recent filing of a trademark for the logo you see above. Since developer logos apparently don’t get that kind of protection, everyone is assuming that Hardlight is at least the game’s tentative title.

Sounds interesting, to say the least. The concept of a brand new action adventure title is nothing to scoff at, especially since the job listing on Sega’s site promises that this studio will be focusing on “the cutting edge of developments in technology, middleware and game expiences.” That could mean something truly original…Or just another load of trumped-up PR speak.

[Source: Sega Portal]

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