Sega vs Capcom: Dreams of an Obsessed Fanboy, Part I


Ha, ha!  Don’t call it a comeback!  Getcher balls outta yer purse and hit the jump, ya pansy.  I dare ya.

Well done, pansy!  Now, for those of you who actually listen to my babblling on the podcast, you’re probably aware that I’m a huge fan of 2D fighting games, and that throughout my life, Capcom’s “vs” series has been an ongoing source of inspiration and love for me that I probably should have been getting from a functional relationship with a girl.  Cough.  I mean, I totally have a girlfriend, is what I meant.  She just lives, like… in Canada or something.

Uh, anyhoo, as some of you might remember, I used to post a feature called “Sega vs Capcom” here on Sega Addicts.  In preparation of the feature, I, having been convinced that the game would be made at some point in the future, used the Sega Addicts Time Machine (invented by Francis) to travel forward in time to see if my dream would come true.  Well, the game does exist in the wondrous future, so I swiped the instruction manual for proof and smuggled it back to the present.  The feature was being posted and everything was fine, until the Russians stole the manual for their own diabolical purposes!  RUSSIANS!!!  After a lenghty two-year mission, and with the help of the X-Perts (they’re all I could afford), I have finally retained possession of the precious manual!  Now, sit back and enjoy as I scan one new Sega character for each new installment of…


And just in case you’re wondering if I’m drawing all these characters and making up the moves myself, you’re wrong.  I’m not.  This game is so super real.  Just ask my girlfriend.





Tune in next week for the next character!  And don’t be shy about leaving comments and your own character suggestions!

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