Phantastic news! Phantasy Star Online 2 has some new videos

…Did I really just write that title?

Anyway, a couple new gameplay videos from PSO2’s alpha 2 build recently popped up on the youtubes. They both offer a glimpse of the game’s Forest area, as well as the Fonewearl and Fomarl character classes.

I’m not much of an MMO guy, but at the very least it looks like the developers are doing a good job of keeping the unique style of the PSO series intact. Obviously, we’re still in the very early stages, but so far so good. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got on this one. Hit the jump to see the second video.

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. Oh wow. Okay Sega. I know that sometimes you get kind of confused about what games should or shouldn’t be brought over to the west but let’s not mess this one up.


  2. Flake is correcto! This is a key franchise, and if they “sega ages” it im going to be really down on Sega (which will bug them soooo much, because they exist solely for me). Prefer console ports, but if it’s pc only I’ll deal, just as long as it comes.

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