Shining Blade gets a new batch of screens

Shining Blade, the upcoming PSP game in the Shining franchise is turning out quite well, it seems. The footage we’ve seen so far is really great and there’s a certain amount of anticipation surrounding the tilte. Head over to Andriasang to see more screens of it. Let’s hope this makes it to the West in some form.

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  1. I bought the PS2 shining game and was very unimpressed. I really prefer the turn based strategy. This sadly doesn’t look like the strategy type

  2. As far as I can tell from the videos, it’s based on the Valkyria Chronicles engine and playstile.

  3. Just watched one of ur podcasts for the first timer. Episode 70, sonic generations. Really enjoyable and funny and a bit wired.

  4. Thanks for listening, DRscottnick.

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