Sega vs Capcom, Part VII: Ristar-struck



Welcome back, true believers!  Y’know, when you wish upon a Ristar, it doens’t matter who you are; everything your heart desires will come to you.  Hit the jump to see your dreams come true!

Who else has been wishing upon a star and still can’t get a sequel to Ristar?  I’m gonna stomp that little Jiminy bastard Cricket.  Well, at least Ristar makes a solid appearance in Sega vs Capcom, which you’ll remember is totally real in the future.  Just be patient (and delusional) and it will come to you!




And don’t forget to check out the other characters in the game:

ShinobiSonic, Tyris Flare, Shadow, Axel, Shun Di,  and more to come!  See you next time!

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