More Game Gear games confirmed for 3DS

As recently announced, Sega is ready to throw some Game Gear games onto your 3DS for all your 8-bit needs. Adding to the ranks are two more Sonic the Hedgehog titles: Sonic Blast and Sonic Labyrnth. For those who don’t know, Sonic Blast is the first Game Gear game that allowed users to play as Knuckles. Having played this game, I can say it does have some of the better graphics out of the Game Gear Sonic titles, as well as some of the largest sprites I have seen on the Game Gear’s screen. Sonic Blast released the same time Sonic 3D Blast graced the Sega Saturn and Genesis, which lead to an updated look. Sonic Labyrnth on the other hand… well for some reason someone thought it would be fun to play as a slow Sonic. In Sonic Labyrnth, Dr. Robotnik steals Sonic’s shoes, which are his source of speed. In this isometric adventures, you must speed dash and solve puzzles to reacquaint Sonic with his speed. Why anyone would want us to relive this “adventure” is beyond me, but its better than re-releasing Sonic Shuffle in any way shape or form I suppose.

So who will be picking up these titles?

[Source: Sega Bits]

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  1. Very excited about these games on the 3ds

  2. Can’t say it’s really selling the 3DS to me. Call me old fashioned, but couldn’t we save ourselves some dosh and buy a (working) Game Gear and the games for less than the price of the 3DS? It’d probably be more fun too.

  3. @TokuJoe
    I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit interested in playing Sonic Labyrinth again. For some reason the games rejected by the majority are sometimes the ones I flock towards.


  4. @Michael
    Because that would imply somebody would buy a 3DS for the sole reason of playing Game Gear games. Nobody does that. Also, yes you can get them cheaper used, but then the screen of the GameGear is terrible and the batteries aren’t exactly what I’d call cheap.

  5. @Sven
    You may have a point. I forgot how crappy people say the 3DS’s battery life is, but when compared to the Game Gear, the 3DS is space-age technology.

    • I’ve never had much of a problem with the 3DS or Vita’s battery life really. It’s definitely worse than the DS but I’ve never even seen the low battery sign yet as I always set it back the charging station at night. I guess if you plan on playing for 6+ hours in one session without having a way to charge it then it could be annoying but that’s quite a bit of portable gaming.

  6. @Sven
    I was being sarcastic. I bought a game Gear a few years ago now and, after charging up a disgustingly large amount of batteries, played the thing for a grand total of approximately 10 seconds before it turned itself off, never to work again.

    I can’t actually comment on comparative “fun-level” of the 3DS as I don’t own one.

  7. @Michael
    Sorry, did not notice it being a sarcastic comment.

  8. @Sven
    Don’t apologise. Most fellas that don’t know me well don’t realise how much of a sarcastic bugger I am. You’re quite right though, no one buys a 3DS for the Game Gear games. Well, one would hope not, anyway.

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