Shining Force for the Game Gear is heading to the 3DS’s Virtual Console

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It has only been a week since the Game Gear titles for the eShop have launched in Europe, but it seems that more Game Gear games are coming soon! Once again, the Australian Classifications board has been the source of the leak. Sega of Australia filed “SHINING FORCE: SWORD OF HAJYA” for classification and it received a “G”. While we have no idea yet, when it’s coming, it can’t be too far off. Defenders of Oasis has also been found on the rating board.

This is great news, since those Game Gear re-releases are a great opportunity to check out those titles, since most of us missed out on them back in the days. Since the quality of the emulator is great too, I’m really looking forward to this!

[Via Nintendolife]

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  1. It’s great to see both these games appearing on the eShop. I’ve never got to play Shining Force on the Game Gear and I have fond memories of Defenders of Oasis. It’s a pretty typical RPG but it has a certain charm that makes me look forward to checking it out again.

  2. Sweetness, I’ve been itching for a retro RPG. Keep ’em comin’!

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