Take a nap on the Sega Master… Sofa?

Maybe Sega should get into the furniture business as I would definitely sleep on this Master System sofa and dream about Miracle World.

I highly recommend you go to this French gameblog post to see the entire creation of the sofa. Our reader, Spade, has informed me that it was the author’s wife who created the sofa for him. It even has two pillows that look like Master System controllers!

I think the 32x would make a great footstool.

[Source: Gameblog.fr]

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  1. I thought the 32X WAS a foot stool. That’s what I use it for, anyway. 😛

    That sofa is the coolest thing ever. Forever. For infinity +1.

  2. For more information, This sofa was created by the wife of the blogger, not by his mother and sister…
    more pictures at this adress : http://tinyurl.com/cwchsps

    The gameblogger Subby kun and his wife use to make a lot of videogame inspired stuff and they are both really, really, really skilled

  3. No problem, and No it’s not usual in France to create furnitures like that, the case of Subby and his wife is very special, they are really skilled and have both a lot of imagination. For me the masterpiece of their collection of DIY stuff is that awesome Okami lamp: http://tinyurl.com/d57zq5w

    • That lamp is pretty cool. It’s impressive how much work they’ve put into their creations.

      I was only kidding about it being common for people in France to make videogame furniture. 🙂 Just another one of my dumb jokes.

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