If you need convincing that a Shenmue HD port is necessary, watch this video

Back in December of 2011, youtuber and Sega devotee TheSpacechannel5 gave us an incredible video that revealed to us just how glorious the Dreamcast can look in HD. The crisp colors and solid lines of games like Power Stone and Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram really popped, and looking at them now just hurts when you consider the fact that we’ll likely never see HD versions of most of the games in that video.

Well, TheSpacechannel5 is back with another HD Dreamcast tribute, this time focusing on the beloved Shenmue, a game that has been rumored to have an HD port waiting in the wings for quite some time now. The video is chock full of footage from both Shenmue games, and a fair amount of environments are really quite striking, even today. I’ve been saying that I don’t want an HD port if I’m not getting Shenmue 3 to finish the story, but after feasting my eyes on this tribute, I am aching to see Ryo’s facial bandage and forklift in blistering high definition.

Even if HD doesn’t get you frothing at the mouth, this is a beautiful and fitting tribute to all things Shenmue, and any fan should really give it a look.

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  1. Man, I just found Warehouse No. 8 and can see that I have barely tapped the surface. Zoinks.

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