Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed unveiled, includes Skies of Arcadia and Golden Axe characters

Sega has unveiled Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed over at IGN together with an announcement trailer and an interview with the developers of the game, Sumo Digital. The game will combine racing, flying and racing over water, which seems to be pretty familiar to Mario Kart 7. The game will include expanded multiplayer modes, Gran Prix and Battle Arena modes. It will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Platform specific features have not been announced yet. Head over to IGN for a complete preview of the game, together with a first-look video.

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    Could. Not. Be. Happier.

  2. I’m am very excited about this sequel. The trailer wasn’t so great but the details on Skies of Arcadia and Golden Axe characters is great and from the IGN preview it sounds like the water segments feel like Hydro Thunder and the flying segments have some Panzer Dragoon to them. I’m sold.

  3. i’m excited. however, the name bothers me. first, they need to figure out something and stick with it. First game ever was sega all stars. Next was sega all stars tennis. Then oh my, sonic and sega all stars racing. And now sonic and all stars transformed? What happened to the sega in that name.

  4. Sadly, darkshortyx, the Sonic name has much more cache with today’s audiences than SEGA’s. Add to the fact that these games probably skew a lot younger than your usual revival game, and, well, Sonic wins out on all fronts. The trailer was uber-underwhelming, pretty much just a tech demo of Sonic’s vehicle changing forms – I was hoping when they showed the additional racers behind him that you’d be able to make out some new characters. I couldn’t see any though, just Beat and a few of the other characters from the Sonic games.

  5. Characters I’d love to see:

    Space Harrier dude
    Alis & the Hovercraft
    Pepper from Clockwork Knight
    Edge & Dragoon
    Wonder Boy
    Hornet from Daytona
    Kid Chameleon
    and if the gods were really smiling upon me…Astal

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