Sega vs Capcom, Part XV: Better Run Home to Mama Now


Welcome back, true believers!  Who’s this week’s character, you’re asking?  Well, here’s a hint: she’s a tall blond, brainwashed to kill her brother and forever doomed to wear skin-tight jumpsuits.  Y’know, a real girl-next-door.  Now, hit that jump!

Sarah Bryant!  Femme fatale of the Virtua Fighter series and all around ass-kicker.  She’s come a long way from that semi-creepy polygonal puppet from back in 1993–now she’s received the ultimate honor of being in this legitimately real game.  Kudos to you, Sarah!  Now, get in there and bust some chops.




And that’s that!  Tune in next week for another exciting character from this super-real game.  But hurry–it’s only a matter of time before the Time Police track me down and bust me for smuggling the game back to the past.  They get kinda pissed about that.  Something about the space-time continuum and the very fabric of reality, or whatever.  Like I care.

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  1. Always loved Sarah’s knee smash from back in the day when you had a fighter lying injured on the ground. That added a cool dynamic to fighting games that hadn’t really been explored before. I love me VF, but I always kind of disliked how Sarah and Pai were pretty much just faster, weaker versions of Jacky and Lau. It’s almost in the realm of Mortal Kombat sprite swapping. Noob Saibot wins.

  2. Yeah, that’s true–I guess that kind of stuff was par for the course with fighting games back then. Ken and Ryu set the precedent. 🙂 Though in later games they did develop them to be more unique, where Sarah focused more on kicks, and Jacky on punches. In a lot of ways, all the characters were kinda similar in that first game–sort of a basic formula that they did variations on as they went.

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