Fans uncover lost Game Gear puzzler

It seems that for a while the puzzle slider game Crazy Faces was bound to never see the light of day. That is until a fan managed to find a prototype cartridge and post it on the internet! It was, indeed a fan on the SMS Power forums who dug out this gem, and posted a bunch of screenshots on the site for you to enjoy.

The game itself isn’t that special. It’s just a generic puzzle slider game, with Sonic and other Kremlin (they worked on the Prince of Persia Game Gear port) properties slapped on each puzzle for show. If you are however curious to see what the game is, you can play it here. Either way it’s an odd curiosity worth checking out for it’s rarity. Plus it’s always nice to see these things in the wild. Good work gamers!

[Source: SMS Power via Games Asylum]

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  1. Bock is a legend. He could certainly open up his own SEGA museum one day. He’s kept the 8-bit scene going for years along with Maxim and the other boys at SMS Power. As for the game, pretty fun, weird to see the Kremlin/SEGA collab, but I’ll take it.

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