Sega makes less money, but still has some million-sellers

Writing about the financial situation of Sega isn’t all that fun at the moment. While profits have been halved once again, there are some titles that stand out in terms of Sales. The latest Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games title 3.28 million units, while Sonic Generations moved 1.85 million units. Virtua Tennis also sold a million, which surprises me to a degree. The Football Manager and Yakuza Dead Souls both cleared half a million. Unsurprisingly, the Nintendo Wii has been the most lucrative platform for Sega during the past year.

So, in the end, Sega makes money. Less, yes, but then again, Japan isn’t exactly doing well at the moment overall.

[Source: Gamespot]

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  1. Well, I guess on the positive side it bodes well for SEGA’s future that they’re doing so well with their kid-friendly games on the Wii. Looks like they’re grooming another batch of faithful SEGA followers in the future. Pretty staggering how many more units the Olympics game sold over Generations. Is it the Mario thing, or are we vocal older Sonic supporters not putting our money where our mouths are?

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