Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 96 – Sega Rarities

This week we discuss Sega merchandise of the rare variety. From games to peripherals and toys there’s a lot of Sega stuff out there that costs a pretty penny and for that reason alone I do not own everything that’s ever existed with the Sega name on it. In addition, we do a little Anarchy Reigns talk and take a look at the new details regarding Yakuza 5 and Double Fine’s The Cave.

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  1. Great podcast guys! I love hearing chat about rarities and obscurities.

    Was this the JVC system you were referring to, Alex?

    There’s an even more bizarre Sega tie-in system made by Pioneer that plays Genesis games AND laserdiscs (what more could you need?!):

  2. It’s good to hear that price and rarity alone doesn’t define what your treasured gaming possessions are. It’s a shame that non of you have repro or flash carts, as it’s something I’ve really been wanting to get into. I do know, however that there’s an American group making WIly Wars repro carts, as I was thinking of buying some SNES Zelda carts, but for the life of me I don’t remember the name.


    That’s ridiculous.

    Ridiculously amazing ;D

    • @Michael – Yeah I’d like to get some repro carts for unreleased or hard to obtain games. I’ve never really even paid much attention to their existence until the Darxide 32x one recently. Are there other places than eBay that regularly sell repro carts?

  3. @Alex

    Unfortunately, it seems to be more to be a case of knowing the right people. All the info I have on reproduction cartridges I’ve gotten from the very useful Racketboy forums. Although the following threads are old now, many of these users still sell. In fact I got a few very nice Japanese Mega Drive games off one of them:

    And I managed to find the site that was selling Wily War cartridges:

    But other than that I’m pretty clueless about the world of reproduction cartridges, which was why I was asking you guys in the podcast!

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