Project X Zone boasts a cast of over 70 voice actors

When you consider the magnitude of a mash-up game that mixes the libraries of giants like Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega, the potential for content is nothing short of staggering. Even if it is on the 3DS, this game has got to feel huge and hugely ambitious if it wants to pay proper respect to the rosters of all three publishers.

In terms of voice acting, it certainly looks like they’re on the right track to achieving that lofty goal. Namco Bandai recently announced that voice recording for Project X Zone is nearly finished, with a cast of over 70 voice actors lending their dulcet tones to the soundtrack. The trailer we saw some months ago promised more iconic characters than have been revealed thus far, so this number could point to one hell of a mash-up party…. That is, if these are indeed voices for playable characters.

The only downside to this news is that we still have not heard a word about a Western release. Localizing this many voices could prove mighty costly, and I’m not sure Namco Bandai will be willing to take that kind of financial risk on a 3DS RPG. I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up if you don’t live in Japan.

[Source: Andriasang via vg247]

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  1. I’m happy to see this kind of game coming to 3DS! But I’ll be more happy to see it coming on european version ^^

  2. does a 3DS have region lock?

  3. not sure if i should buy a 3ds, do you think i should?

  4. @DRscottnik
    It depends on what you’d play it for. I have had my 3DS since launch, and for the past few months I was putting serious consideration into selling it. I’m just now starting to hear about some of the more niche games I’ve been looking for, like Code of Princess, Guild 1, and Project X Zone. To be fair there is a solid library available, including the Star Fox and Zelda 3D rereleases, Mario 3D Land, the Kid Icarus sequel, Resident Evil: Revelations (which I wasn’t that big a fan of but others seem to adore), and Resident Evil Mercenaries, but when it comes to original IPs the system is still really lacking. Its online capabilities are leaps and bounds better than the DSi, and the Swapnote app is hilarious fun, but most of Nintendo’s eShop is a disappointment, save for couple really solid Game Boy classics.

    Really, it all depends on how many of the games you’re interested in. the 3D gimmick is really pretty worthless once the novelty has worn off, but the system still has fair potential as a super-powered DSi.

  5. I will probably save my money until the WiiU comes out!

    • At this point it’s hard to recommend either the 3ds or the vita to someone. They both have a few great games and features but nothing extraordinary and it appears that it may be that way for awhile. I really would like to see SEGA release more Game Gear games on the VC.

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