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Post your listener questions for the Sega Addicts Podcast here!

The next episode will be recorded on June 14th and will be all about Sega games and franchises that we’d like to see another entry in the series.

Remember your questions can be on any Sega related topic and don’t have to stick to the main topic of the episode. And truthfully, we may be willing to answer non-Sega questions too…

Readers Comments (10)

  1. getting in before brad does!
    1. If there was another Ristar game in 3d do you think it would be successful and what would you like it to be like
    2. Do you like chicken
    3. who is your favorite singer
    4. who do you like more me, Bradkal or Danica Patrick?
    5. Only one more to go till you have reached the 100th podcast, are you excited
    6. (getting this one in before brad does) If Amy loves sonic, knuckles loves rouge and shadow loves maria does that mean Cheese the Chao loves Bowser?
    7. Who is your favorite singer?
    8. Do you think Sega will ever get into making consoles again?
    9. Do you think Sega will still be around in 10 years?
    10. If sonic is a boy why doesn’t he have a penis?
    11. Have you got a question to ask me?
    well enjoy answering the rest of everyone’s questions!

  2. 12. Have you ever played a Genesis game named Wiz ‘n’ Liz? What are your opinions on it? Do you think that that game deserves a sequel?

  3. 0.0 DRscottnik stole my questions! DX

    If Dr Scottnik is secretly Robotnic then would anything change?

    If Cheese the Chao does love Bowser then what would there babys look liike,smell like and taste like?

    What cheese the chao melt and make a good toast topper if Bowser didint like him back?

    Which 2 Sega-addicts podcast people most likely will get together and have babys?
    What would the baby be called?
    How many man thongs would he have if he was a boy?

    Do you think that it is posible that Cheese the Chao is what happens when tails creams, cream?

    how come Cream has such big ears?

    What do you think about creams mom?

    If Sonic loves Amy do you think its posible that Eggman loves Creams mom?

    If sonic from the past and sonic from the present clashed what do you think would Really happen?

    If Sega created a sonic show called Amy the Hedgehog and the shows main characters where Amy, Cream and Rouge the bat, they where all 16+ and you thought they looked pretty hot what would you do?
    Would you seek counselling for thinking there hot?

    If DRscottnik was Creams Boyfriend then would Josh newie be Rouges Boyfriend?
    If so who would you be dating?

    Your locked in a Hot sticky room wearing nothing but a loose pair of man thongs which are about to break, the rest of the Sega-addicts are in a cage watching you (Please pause so everyone can think about how this question will go for a moment). You have your Dreamcast in the room with you, another modern console is next to it, the new console plugged itself into the dreamcast and though you thought that was quite sexy you know you have to unplug it, if you move your male thongs will break and everyone will see you and your dangly bits, and your new console will upload the video online, he will also post the video on your facebook so your family will see! if you dont move the new console will destroy your dreamcast and kill one of the sega-addict members and will make you role on the sticky floor before letting you free,what do you do?

    What would you do if you met me in the street?

    how mentally stable do you feel now?

    What would you do if you went to bed and saw both Amy and Cream in your bed?

    do you think sega will ever make a great horror game like corps party?

    If A gameboy Advance started to eat your gamegear what would you do?

    (Please say this in an intimate voice and slow down at the end) if sega created a hedgehog burger, how would it be different… from… other burgers?

    do you think it would have been more relevant to include me in Sega and sonic all stars racing transformed then that woman who shall not be named?

    How come DRscottnik didnt buy me a balloon?

    do you realise how long it takes to come up with these questions? the answers a bloody long time!

    how many babys would you have with The kids table?

    If the kids table is the child of the sega-addicts who did the Sega-addicts mate with to creat them?

    did you wish my mom a happy birthday on sunday?

    What do you get if you mix the sega-addicts with something soft, gravy, nintendo and billy hatchers egg?

    How did you like this weeks questions?

    are you having a wonderful day?

    Bye all of you <3 with no Kisses – Bradkal

  4. If Ulala, Pacman, Megaman, Sonic, Shadow, The bonanza bros, mario, amy, AiAi, Amigo, Billy Hatcher, Knuckles, Big the Cat, Beat, B.D. Joe,
    Ryo Hazuki, Jacky Bryant , Opa-Opa,Alex Kidd and Bradkal had child in a 22sum what would it look like and feel like?

  5. If DRscottnik, Alex kidd,Opa-Opa, Ralts, Tails the fox, B.d. Joe, Beat, Big the Cat, Josh Newy, Frances, A Egg, AiAi, Amy, Mario, some old woman, Alex Riggen, Yoshi, Sonic, Megaman, Pacman and stevie grant had a child in a 22 sum what would it look like, feel like, smell like and be called?

    What would you say to DRscottniks Mom if you saw her right now?

  6. Just one question:

    When will the madness stop?

  7. XD Love your question Scott!

  8. Thank yo….. Oh, that Scott!

  9. I’m going to Singapore on Friday morning could you please upload the podcast earlier than usual so i can download it and listen to it on the plane? I also have a very big fear of flying (even though iv’e been on hundreds of planes) could you please reassure me that I will have a safe flight and nothing will go wrong. Thanks!

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