Wreck-It Ralph trailer confirms Robotnik cameo

[youtube http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPSQOomMWro&w=475&h=315]
Whilst we did tell you about this a while ago, it only seems appropriate to post the trailer for the actual movie while it’s new. For those of you not in the know however, Disneys new movie features an appearance by Robotnik (or Eggman or whatever you kids call him now), in a scene with various other videogame villains as well. You can spot him at about 1 minute into that video if you want to skip most of the trailer.

But then again even the other stuff in that trailer looks awesome anyway. A Disney made videogame movie? Yes please. Even without Robotnik this is something I’ll be sure to keep my eye on.

[Source: Flixist]

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  1. the final boss from altered beast is also in this and also the zombie is from house of the dead.

  2. Seeing robotnik might mean Sonic will appear or be mentionned at least in the movie, which look funny and original ^^

  3. Looks great haha!

  4. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Neff from Altered Beast in there! How cool is that? I guess there was little chance he’d show up as the pile of dead bodies from the first stage, though. 🙂

    Is anyone else wondering why they consider Zangief a villain?

  5. Doesn’t he work for Bison?

  6. @Stevie
    When you say “work for Bison,” I imagine that Zangief only gets paid in delicious bison meat.

    Whatever the case, I just think M. Bison would make a lot more sense here. Maybe they used Zangief because he looks a lot more human and likable than the creepy, white-eyed cloak-wearing dictator.

  7. The weird thing is that Bison’s in there too! Why not have him deliver the line? Are Russian people really that funny? 🙂

    And as far as I know, Zangief doesn’t work for Bison (the dictator; I can’t confirm he doesn’t work for the meat)–he’s supposed to be a hero in his native land. And he wrestles bears. Noice.

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