Dale North’s remix of Shenmue’s Tomato jingle is even more catchy than the original…Yes, that’s possible

Shenmue’s music is bizarrely mezmerizing. The folks developing it must have known this, or they wouldn’t have given you a cassette player right from the get-go, or a store from which you can purchase several of the game’s hypnotically memorable jingles at any time. I suppose it makes sense then that one of the most welcoming and beloved tunes of Shenmue plays incessantly in that very shop.

Known simply as “Tomato,” that adorable little convenience store has won the hearts of countless gamers, and Destructoid EIC Dale North counts himself as one of that number. To profess his love for the jingle’s kitschy charms, North has fully remixed it, adding in lyrics and a fittingly catchy rhythm. It’s pretty amazing, and honestly almost puts the original to shame…Almost. The video deserves a hell of a lot more attention than it has gotten on youtube, so please check it out, and then hit the jump to read North’s original lyrics.

[Source: Destructoid]

Need some food for your cat
some capsule toys or some other shit?
I know just the place
It’s just up the road in the bad part of town, babe

The owner’s a freak
but that’s okay because they have
the greatest jingle that you ever heard

Come on in, shop at Tomato!

They got some snacks and batteries
doors automatic, doors automatic, automatic
They got the finest brand of cat food
Come on in, shop at Tomato!