Platinum Games left in the dark about Anarchy Reigns delay, international version already complete

Following the news, that Anarchy Reigns has been pushed back to first quarter of 2013, Atsushi Inaba, the executive director at Platinum Games, stated on Twitter that the delay actually wasn’t communicated to them in any way by Sega. He also goes on to say, that the game is completely finished and that it will come out in Japan on July 5th. A fully localized international version exists, but Platinum Games has no influence on when it’s going to be released.

It seems that the communication between Sega and Platinum Games isn’t working at all. Then again, considering the overall confusion around the title, its absence at E3 and Sega staying away from Gamescom completely, the future of the title seems to be at stake.

[Via CVG]

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  1. How to mess up a positive relationship 101 by SEGA.

    See Electronic Arts for further reference.

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