Sega vs Capcom, Part XXII: Go, My X-Men!


Yes!  This week’s character, Professor Charles Xavier, comes to us from the X-Men comic book, where… hang on, my producer’s saying something to me.  What is it, Leopold?  Oh, really?  Not that Xavier?  And we’re live?  So I look like a total ass hat?  Fair enough.  Okay, I’ll tell them.  Leopold says to hit the jump to see who this week’s character really is.

Ah, Eternal Champions!  You knew it would come to this.  How many more characters from that game can we expect to see?  All of them?  I doubt that would surprise you.  Anyhoo, fan favorite Xavier Pendragon here earned himself a spot in Sega vs Capcom from his hardcore use of alchemy.  Remember, it’s alchemy, not magic.  Alchemy with dragons.  Whatever.  Lookit the picture.




There we go!  Now off with you, you scamps!  Go play stick ball or jump ropes with your schoolyard chums.  Although before you do, check out the other contestants in the game below!


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  1. Vectorman anyone?

  2. Not a bad idea, sir! I’ll have to consult my manual from the future to see if he’s in there…

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