Alex Kidd gets the a capella treatment in this fan video

Everyone loves a lighted hearted a capella rendition of their favourite game music right? As part five of a series named ‘Geekapella’ by Youtube users Max and Sam, they have decide to cover numerous tunes from Alex Kidd in Miracle World in the video seen above while sticking their faces onto Alex Kidd, his enemies, and other… stuff. Just watch the video.

If, like myself, you’re not a big fan of Alex Kidd then there’s other great a capella renditions to be heard in their Guile theme, Gerudo Valley and even Shinra theme videos, among others. More information on Sam and Max can be found through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  1. Not a fan of Alex Kidd? You monster!

    Thanks for sharing, pretty cool. They put a lot of work into the video stuff too.

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