Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 100 – Listener Question Spectacular!

It’s finally here! The 100th episode of the Sega Addicts Podcast in all its Listener Question glory. Take a listen as we answer your questions for nearly two hours straight. We also have somehow managed to remain completely sane even after answering over 100 questions from Bradkal that ranged from topics like “Why isn’t Miku in everything ever?” to “What would you do if you were all wolves and Tom was a shy female wolf?” Find out these answers and more in this week’s podcast!

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Readers Comments (19)

  1. You kept your sanity?
    HOW? XD
    I love you guys! ^^

  2. DRscottnik’s Hemorrhoid cream.

    Why can’t I stop laughing.

    Good gravy.

  3. This was hilarious!
    #Cream the Rabbit

  4. Just started listening, but before that, AWESOME cover pic Tom!!

  5. Oh man I can’t stop laughing at this. SHEER. BRILLIANCE.

    And I really wish John would stop calling me. I really do.

  6. Holy shit! A Matt Jay reference! DAAAAMMN old skool, son.

  7. I haven’t started to listen to podcast yet but from this picture I can it will be good!

  8. From this picture I can tell it will be good*


  10. Nice song!

  11. I hope up you answerd my questions from last week!

  12. No madness? This is madness!

  13. this was a very entertaining episode, hope the next 100 are just as good!

  14. Thanks, guys! Glad you like the header–it was fun to put together! 😀

    And you know I’m just playin’, Matt. 🙂

    By the way, Dr. Scottnik, your hemorrhoid cream works wonders! I can ride a bike again!

  15. I really like how you guys unlike other sonic fansites notice the fans, even though this website is very popular I’m glad its not as popular as the sonic stadium then I would think you wouldn’t pay as much attention to the fans! What i am trying to say is YOU GUYS ROCK!

  16. Aw, shucks, Dr. Scottnik–you’re pretty swell yourself. 🙂

    Ha! Glad to see your cream is a hit! How’d you manage to secure an endorsement from such an A list celebrity? I’m talking about Bradkal, of course. 😛

  17. Well Tom, it was quite hard, and thats what cream said! XD JK
    and when I asked about big the car, I ment one episode I asked a question and miss spelt it big the car, it must have been a long time ago now!
    I love the header!
    I loved the podcast! ^^

  18. Wow, Matt Jay, Jim Sterling, Topher, and even the old school Sonic CD intro music as the outro. References all over the place. Excellent fan service.

    And probably one of the more entertaining podcasts recently. I’m glad to be a part of this ridiculous site, guys.

    Here’s to another 100!

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