June 2012


The Sega Addicts Top 10 Sonic Games

So, Sega has this character or “mascot” named Sonic the Hedgehog and they’ve released a few games with him in the starring role throughout the years. While most people today are more familiar with Sega’s other mascot, Alex Kidd, we still feel that Sonic plays a very important role for…


Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 97 – Sega Toys

This episode is dedicated to those Sega things that aren’t videogames: plushies, miniatures, figurines, dollar store Sonic balls, things that put power in your pocket, etc. In addition, there’s some discussion on recent Sega news and our expectations for E3, the Anarchy Reigns Japanese demo… oh and Tom finally plays…


Review: Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

While it can be considered that Sega acquired Three Rings a while ago, to me it doesn’t really seem like that much time has gone by. However in the time since this announcement Three Rings have been working on a Doctor Who MMO which is online now. Since Spiral Knights…