USA saves the world again: 4th of July sale on PSN, iOS, XBLA, Android

Okay so maybe we Yanks have been a bit bullish for the last twenty years or so. Sorry about that. Really. Here’s some savings to make up for it. Sega is having a 4th of July sale on digital titles across all the major distribution platforms and you don’t have to be from the USA to get in on it. PSN and iOS users are the big winners here but there’s a little something for everyone. Well, everyone except the glorious PC master race. Steam got left out for some reason.

[Source: Sega Blog]

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  1. You Yanks have been a bit bullshit? So here’s some savings to make up for it? Savings that are only available for Americans…?

    Now THAT’S bullshit.

    I jest, but still, where was my Queen Elizabeth XBLA avatar costume a few weeks ago? Eh?

  2. I think he said we’ve been “bullish” there, Michael. Mr. Vulgar McVulgarpants. A little Freudian slip?

  3. Why are they still charging money for any form of Super Monkey Ball?

  4. I just saw what I wanted to see 🙁

    Of course, this is quite nice for USA Sega customers, what with it being the 4th of July and all.

    Yes, the 4th of July. One of those holidays American’s hold so close to their hearts and yet British people are completely oblivious of.

    Well, we still have pancake day, right?

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