New Humble Bundle includes Valkyria Chronicles tunes

As a fan of indie games I love the Humble Indie Bundles. They’re a great way to play new games you wouldn’t have heard of, and you get to support charity whilst doing so. It then excites me to tell you that Sega is part of their newest bundle! Sort of. In the latest indie collection, (which is all about indie music), Wolfire games has locked down Hitoshi Sakimoto’s Valkria Chronicles compilation album which is included with the other tunes for the low price of whatever you would like to pay.

As always you can get the bundle here. For as much or as little as you like you can support videogame music and charity in one fell swoop. The other music in this bundle includes other nerd inspired music such as Jonathan Coulton and MC Frontalot. They Might Be Giants and Christopher Tin are also included, as well as OK Go if you pay above the current average.

Files come in both MP3s and FLAC, and the tracks are yours forever once paid. At the time of writing there is still 12 more days until the end of the bundle so you still have time to consider buying this. However if you are a Valkyria Chronicles fan then it should be a no brainer. The compilation album at whatever price you want to pay, plus other great bands too? I don’t think you’ll find a better deal on Earth. At least until the next bundle.

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