Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 101 – Don't Call It a Comeback!

And we’re back! After a nearly two month break the Sega Addicts Podcast returns with Episode 101. On this episode we spend some time discussing all the Sega related activities we’ve participated in since the last episode and catch up on some major news that occured during the break. Learn about Kris’s adventures with Pepsiman, Tom’s Power Stone struggles, Mike’s Eternal Champions singles profile and Alex’s quest to be in the Guiness Book of World Records!

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Haha, I’m gonna have to tune in from now on. Great listen. 😀

  2. I never know how to interpret some of your guys’ perceptions of the Kids Table. Kris sounds like he teeters between confusion and outright contempt.

    • Kris teeters between confusion and contempt on every subject. 🙂

      As for our opinions, I’m a fan and Tom worships the Kids Table. He even has all the posters and merchandise hanging up on his bedroom walls. Mike, unfortunately, can’t get past the fact that you guys rarely bring up Eternal Champions or male thongs.

  3. Damn listening to you guys talk about Power Stone is making my nipples hard XD – they need to get that on Live and PSN immediately!

  4. Rabid Noodles: Welcome aboard! 😀

    Josh: It’s true! I even have a complete set of the Kids Table action figures, including the Toys R Us exclusive “Classic Josh” variant with hair and pillow accessory. @.@

    Alex: Dead-on, as usual, sir. 🙂

    MrYesterday: That’s hawt. 😛

  5. Oh no Tom, that pillow accessory was discontinued years ago. It’s actually filled with lead paint and dipped in arsenic. RETURN IT BEFORE YOUAhh, too late.

  6. Still totally worth it.

    Bleh! X_X

  7. when will Flake be on the show?

  8. I love the irony that Francis has continued to show up in more headers than actual episodes, but it would be amazing if he had a twitter handle.

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