Solve some mysteries on your PSP in Japan with this Dreamcast re-release


It wouldn’t surprise me if you have not heard of Missing Parts: The Detective Stories, because neither had I before writing this story. Missing Parts was a three-game Dreamcast series, of which 2 of the games were published a few years after Sega stopped supporting the Dreamcast. The series was published by a company named F.O.G. (Full on Games), who recently worked with Nippon Ichi (best known for their Disgaea series) on a PSP game entitled Musou Tourou. Why am I telling you all of this random history related to some Japanase companies? Well, the two companies are joining forces again to bring Missing Parts: The Detective Series Complete to the PSP. Mystery games in my opinion fit best on portable systems, because it can be comparable to reading a mystery novel. Even though I would have no idea what’s going on in the game when playing it, it’s still awesome to see more Dreamcast re-releases popping up lately.

[Source: Siliconera]