Sega confirms Valkyria Chronicles 3

So once again a game is revealed before Sega can even make an announcement. Lovely. However this wasn’t revealed by some guy at the ESRB. It was from the Sega website itself! You see on Sega’s TGS site they had an image that displayed the games they were going to show off. As you can see three of those slots have ‘coming soon’ written on them. However if you convert the image from a GIF file to a JPEG, then that becomes a different story…

That’s right, those ‘coming soon’ slots are replaced by the Japanese for ‘Valkyria Chronicles 3’. So now not only is it confirmed but we’ll also see it at TGS! No word on a platform yet but it seems we’ll find out that and more information when TGS rolls along.

[Source: Scrawl FX]

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  1. I guess it’ll have to be a Sony system again anyway, which is a shame for anyone who has yet to play anything from this series yet. TGS cannot come soon enough though.

  2. Cool, I can’t wait to see the third game. Though I need to get a PS3 to play the other two games

  3. Can’t wait to find out what system it’ll be on.

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