The 2nd Annual Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon [UPDATE: IS COMPLETE!]

Join us at and join the chat!

Update: After twenty four hours, several cups of coffee, countless technical problems and a solid 25 Dreamcast games, I have managed to survive the second run of the Dreamcast Marathon. An emphatic thank you goes out to anyone who decided to validate my insanity by checking it out and giving me someone to talk to during the ordeal, with a special thanks to Dr. Scottnik, who stayed online with me for more than half of the entire marathon.
I will write up a final post a little later on, but for now, I neeeeeed to sleeeeep. 

So here we are! The marathon has begun, and I am already tired. Just to lay some ground rules: I will be playing for a full 24 hours, with small breaks in between for gross bodily functions, and a half-hour break every four hours to take my dog on walks/exhaust him as much as humanly possible.

Feel free to leave as many comments as you like below, as I will do my best to read and respond to every one I get. Please keep in mind little errors like internet issues, as my connection is notoriously wishy-washy. Also, keep in mind this is not a gaming footage marathon unfortunately as I lack the tech to do so. I am not made out of money. Leave me alone. Instead, enjoy this sad display of one man’s downward (orange) spiral into Dreamcast love/madness.

Here we go!

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  1. Jump into the chat guys! I just got on and Josh is starting up with Sonic Adventure and he’s already going insane! It’s great!

  2. Yo Josh! Sick hoodie man! Where’d you get it from? So is John not even gonna attempt it this year?! Wish that you were doing this on one of my days off, i’d have done a DC marathon too!

  3. Yes josh, there is another comment.

  4. You guys are missing out, it’s pretty awesome. You can chat (type) with him & other viewers while he’s playing.

    Fun, entertaining stuff!

    Join and say hello!

    Pro-tip, open up the JustinTV site in its own window, the sega addicts link won’t let you do the comment stuff.


  6. Hey dudes. We’re in hour 4 of the marathon. For some reason, the stream keeps shutting down on me, but don’t leave if it does! I will be back online again in a few seconds. And be sure to join the chat.

  7. OK! On my first 1/2 hour break to walk my dog. I will be back at 7:50 eastern!

  8. Ok, back online!

  9. Took another half hour break to walk the dog. Back online once again for the final four hours!

  10. Well done, sir! Now off to bed with you, to dream of penny whistles and moon pies. ;p

  11. Another year in the bank! Another one bites the dust! Another tally on the board! Another circle on the swirl? I dunno. But I do know one thing: Wang-Tang Thank You Krang.

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