Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 104 – Saturn's 3D Fighters

On this week’s episode we discuss fighters of a polygonal nature on the Sega Saturn. Starting with Sega’s genre defining Virtua Fighter series we then discuss some of Sega’s other 3D fighting games as well as other developers attempts on the Saturn with Dead or Alive, Battle Arena Toshinden and Mike’s favorite, Criticom. In addition, we discuss some Sega news and answer a few listener questions.

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  1. I like the song at the end!

    Kind of makes me think of this one for some reason

  2. how long do you think it take for Sega to make a “fighters mega mix 2” if they ever will.
    -also what new characters would you like to see in it?

    Who won the most match’s out of mike & tom?

    Could Mike & Tom have their own fighting compitition with any sega fighter? kind of like Josh’s 24 hour marathon.

  3. For Alex.
    I noticed that you don’t make many puns.
    Is life treating you well, are you eating? I worry about so.
    So I perscribe that you eat you full dossage of ” punny” foods… get it.
    – like the poo-poo platter
    – or a comquat
    or any of these fin foods.
    And I garentee you’ll be Punny in no time.

    • @100 – Thank you for pointing that out as I agree that my puns have been lacking lately. I will eat nothing but poo-poo platters until next episode and see if that helps. I’ve never even eaten a poo-poo platter before so maybe that’s my whole problem.

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