The magic of Sega's arcade science

To be fair, PC gaming is “dead”, too.

“ALL.NET P-Ras Multi”. Sounds like a giant robot game name, right? This is what Sega is calling their new arcade hardware format. See, back in the day when an arcade owner wanted to get a new game, they had to buy what amounted a new game cartridge to plug into their machine in addition to things like name cards and marquee or special controls. Very pricey.

Sega’s new format will allow Japanese arcade owners to download new software. This will cut costs and keep selection current. The Japanese arcade scene is very much alive but the margins are still tight; hopefully this format will catch on.

Three games will launch with the service: The latest iteration of Guilty Gear, Under Night In-Birth (your guess is as good as mine), and Love Arcade, a collection of rehashed classics.

[Source: Arcade Heroes]

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