Check out this Shining Ark character trailer

I don’t mean to keep teasing you guys about the upcoming Japanese PSP RPG Shining Ark but I think it’s relevant due to the series holding power in Japan. Either way this trailer for the new entry in the Shining series (viewable above) makes me want this series in the West even more. The characters have cool designs (e.g. the cool black winged angel) and the graphics look like they can test out the PSP hardware to it’s full extent.

The game itself makes it’s way to Japanese shelves on 28th February. Get ready importers!

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. It wouldn’t make sense for any Sega fan to support this game now that Sega is launching copyright claims against Youtube users that uploaded footage from the old Shining Force games. It’s been a month and Sega still hasn’t given a response nor reason for their attack on the fans, and several users have still not managed to get their Youtube channel back.

    • At this moment in time non-Japanese Sega fans can’t really support it or stand against it, at least not with our wallets, which is the most effective way of grabbing any game publisher’s attention.

      It’s a shame about the Youtube videos, but Sega have the right to control how their content is used. One an only hope that there’s method to their madness and all this Youtube malarkey isn’t the result of a change to some random policy Sega have.

  2. I’d argue that they don’t have the right to take down videos that simply have people talking about the game in question and that don’t even feature any gameplay footage. That’s simply abusing the DMCA. But even aside from that, it’s still downright stupid for a company to attack its own fans over gameplay footage of 15 year old games. I think it’s important to take a stand here. Now it’s just Shining Force and Youtube, but what if they decide to target other franchises and the various Sega fansites?

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