Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed World Tour mode revealed

Details of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed‘s ‘World Tour’ mode, which makes up a large portion of the game’s single player content, have been revealed via French website Jeux Video.

According to a translation of their article, World Tour takes the form of a board game, where each square represents a race which is itself comprised of three challenges. To progress to the next square a bronze medal must be acquired for each of the three challenges. Acquiring silver and gold medals will unlock further characters as well as ‘boss fights’.

The article also describes how each character used in World Tour mode has an experience bar that fills not only by winning races, but tackling tricky corners successfully, avoiding collisions with other racers and more. Levelling up unlocks content including vehicle modification items.

That’s certainly a lot of information to chew on, but Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed‘s World Tour already looks set to surpass it’s predecessor’s Grand Prix mode. Further information can be found in the translated article after the jump.

[The Sonic Stadium]

The biggest piece of Sonic & All Transformed-Stars Racing is in World Tour mode , inspired other productions as SEGA Virtua Tennis. This mode is represented in the form of a board game where the boxes represent different races containing many challenges with three medals specific to the key. To move to the next step, only the bronze is required. But to unlock boxes with special challenges unlocks characters and bossfights , silver and gold are essential. Difficulty varies depending on the objectives to be accomplished : finishing third, second or first, beating a rival with a lead more or less, make the most possible slippage or finish the race with a countdown by crossing checkpoints to repel.

The title has twenty characters each with their own system of record, plus two guest stars on which additional SEGA should not delay to communicate. Each character has its own dipstick XP fills that any participation , regardless of experience gained bonus based on results. A level-up is accompanied by the release of specific content, such as new settings (mixed driving, speed privileged improved adhesion, etc..) and various items for customizing the vehicle. Do not drive with a single entity has its advantages. Before each race, the coins collected in the previous sections can be used in a jackpot to activate a permanent bonus (turbos longer, less violent harm, and so on). But beware, the parts are shared and the savings back quickly when there are four of them!

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