Sonic Adventure 2 HD still high in XBLA charts

With Sega still in a worrying financial crisis it’s always good to hear news of a game doing well… even if it is a port of a decade old Dreamcast title. When looking at the top selling Xbox games for the week the arcade chart reveals that Sonic Adventure 2 is still riding high in the top sales list at 3rd place. Keep in mind this is three weeks away from it’s release marking it a stronger launch than Sonic 4 Episode 2 and even the Sonic CD port.

So that’s some good news to cheer you up. Even though Sega is losing profits they can still rely on Sonic to bring in the bug bucks. And even Jet Set Radio is at 16 this week making both ports a pretty successful venture! So what does this mean for us? More ports probably. I’m personally hoping for Shenmue, but I know that’s probably pipe dream at best. What about you? Got an idea for a good Sega port? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: TSSZ News]

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  1. While it’s good to see SA2 doing well (despite not being a fan of the game) and Jet Set Radio HD showing some staying power as well, I’m concerned about NiGHTS: into Dreams dropping down the charts so quickly. While most reviews didn’t note the problem, the controls were vastly inferior to that of the Saturn game. This really hurts the game’s replayability (and the potential of the new leaderboards) and makes it far from being the definitive version of NiGHTS that fans were expecting. This, coupled with the combined release with SA2 which seemed to do more harm than good, means NiGHTS isn’t making the comeback the fans had hoped for. This means the future of the franchise isn’t looking good.

  2. I blame the lack of marketing for Nights. Everyone knew about JSR no matter where you turned. Sonic will succeed just because it’s Sonic.

    As a huge Nights fan, I really hope something happens to bring everyones’ attention to the port.

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