The Sega Addicts Kids Table Halloween Spooktacular II

For Halloween your worst nightmare has returned… yes The Sega Addicts Kids Table are back! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

That’s right the break is finally over and Stevie, John and Josh have returned in a very special episode that’ll be sure to make you soil your underwear. In this very spooky cavalcade of madness the gang have returned to gather round an imaginary camp fire to share a horrific trio of terrifying stories featuring evil twins, possessed DVD’s and racist children’s authors. We even end on a bang as John shows us what could possibly be the most ridiculous fan fiction ever written.

Ready for a fright to remember? Well settle up as we treat you to a Halloween Spooktacular like no other (except last years).

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And ghoulish thanks goes out to Sega Addicts fan 100 for the awesome header image! You can view more of his stuff here!


And we’ll be back next Thursday for Episode 51! See you then!

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    Also, feels good to be back.

  2. Words can’t express my delight. I am a Ninja Turtle, muhfuckers.

  3. Ash Ketchum wasn’t British, but I’ll let it slide.

  4. Your eyebrows get bigger with each incarnation of you..

  5. Everyone has big balls except Josh.

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