Aliens: Colonial Marines' depiction of Hadley's Hope is eerily accurate

With the first day of Advent behind us, it’s now finally, ‘officially’ Christmas time. While little boys girls around the world will be sending off letters to Father Christmas, nagging for a WiiU, or a Ben 10… thing, us Sega Addicts are looking forward to early 2013 for our pressies to arrive, namely the Sega published Anarchy Reigns and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The video above attempts to remind us why we’ve literally been waiting years for Aliens: Colonial Marines to come out by showing some concept art for location Hadley’s Hope, then showing the same scene as it appears in-game, and in this respect it has succeeded. Both the art and the in-game rendition of the human settlement on planet LV-426 looks and ‘feels’ exactly as it does in the 1986 classic film, Aliens. The film is easily one of my favourites and it’s always a relief to see how well developer Gearbox have matched the tone of the film to that of their game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set for release on Feb 12th 2013, with the game being available for pre-order now.

[Source: TSSZ News]

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