Kick out the jams when you're done kicking some butt with the Anarchy Reigns Soundtrack

Sega has released the Anarchy Reigns digital soundtrack on iTunes and Amazon MP3, and other music download sites for certain countries. It’s a nice-sized soundtrack with 32 tracks at only $9.99. You can get the digital booklet from Platinums’s Site in the “information” section, and also check out a making-of video for the last track, “This is Madness.” Anyone plan on grabbing this? If I dig the soundtrack enough, I usually pick them up. Regardless, it’s nice to see some Anarchy Reigns info on Sega’s site again. Hit the jump to see the track listing.

Track Listing:

01.     Ruthless

02.     Over In A Flash

03.     My Pride

04.     Sound The Alarm

05.     Mortified

06.     Laughin At U

07.     Soon Enough

08.     I Know U Want Me

09.     My Town, My City

10.     Gotta Get The Cash

11.     Kill Em All

12.     MDK’s

13.     They Came From Underground

14.     Play My Ass Off

15.     Venom

16.     Unlimited Resources

17.     Jaw

18.     Play For Keeps

19.     We Play

20.     The Hand Of Science

21.     Here We Go

22.     Demise

23.     Days Of Old

24.     It’s All About Me

25.     Fast Lane

26.     Testin’ Me

27.     Rock On

28.     We All Soldiers

29.     Lights Out

30.     Merciless

31.     Find You

32.     This Is Madness (limited track for full album consumer)

[Source: Sega Blogs]