Crimson Dragon: Side Story gives you a Panzer Dragoon "shmup" on your Windows Phone


Unfortunately, no one knows when the on-rails Kinect game, Crimson Dragon is going to release on Xbox Live. However, until that day happens, Windows Phone users can enjoy a nice shoot-em-up variation of the game that screams Panzer Dragoon. The game scrolls on its own, as you tap the screen to fire and enemies and touch the screen to move the dragon up and down. Check out the pictures after the jump to see how much Crimson Dragon: Side Story harkens back to Panzer Dragoon with its atmosphere and setting. You can buy the game here for only $0.99.




[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. I don’t own a Windows Phone, but I tried to get it with my little tablet anyways. Wouldn’t work lol

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