Sega show off their history at the Games Developers Conference 2013

Genesis Dev Kit

Those lucky enough to go to this year’s Games Developers Conference 2013 will have probably spent some some time in the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment’s Game History Exhibit where Sega had a very hearty presence.

Consoles that were available to play included the Genesis, 32X, Sega CD, Game Gear, Nomad and more. If that wasn’t enough, Sega managed to dig out some old developmental models of the Dreamcast, the Genesis/ Sega CD combo pictured above, and even developer guides and VHS tapes for the Saturn.

Sega are a company that have always held onto their proud history regardless of the struggles they have faced in more recent years. Lets hope they manage to scrounge out a Dreamcast 2 dev kit for GDC 2033.

[Source: The Inquirer and Gamasutra]

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  1. noooo i have the second model of the sega cd i think, the one that it was that you plug in sideways, i remember that if you pause some games too much time, they didn´t respond when you were trying to play again. it happened to me a lot. great memories

    • I’m lucky enough to have a model 1 European Mega CD, not that it gets much use.

      I used to have that saving problem with the Mega Drive on its own, let alone the Mega CD! If you even breathed the wrong way that thing would freeze up on me.

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