Anarchy Reigns released in Europe, six month global launch finally over

That’s right you crazy Sega Addicts, over six months after the release of Max Anarchy in Japan, Anarchy Reigns is now available to (pretty much) every gamer in the entire world following its release today in Europe, home of myself, Stevie Grant, and all the other cool European people you know and love!

We don’t know why it took so long, developer Platinum Games don’t know why it took so long and I’m not even sure if Sega knows why it took so long for a game to be released that was fully localised over six months ago.

But relax. It’s here. So sit down with a selection of fine cheeses, a warm cat in your lap and enjoy what may well be the last Platinum Games title to have Sega’s name on it. You deserve it for you patience more than anything.

Take it away Scott.

[Video: ConsoleToiFr]

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