Rumor: Sega announcing new Sonic game in February


We all know it’s only a matter of time before Sega finally announces the next adventure featuring our favorite spiky blue mascot, and with Groundhog Day inching ever closer, a lot of us are wondering whether or not Sega will once again use the “hog” holiday to tease their next big “hog” game.

The wonderful folks over at The Sonic Stadium have reportedly heard from sources close to Sega that the big announcement will actually fall closer to mid-February. While the exact details of the game are still quite scarce and obviously unconfirmed, Sonic Stadium is reporting a huge handful of very intriguing rumor-tastic bits of information, including:

  • The game will be released for Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PC, and next gen consoles.
  • While there is no word on exclusive features for the next gen versions, the PC and Vita versions will be identical to modern gen home console versions, and the 3DS version will be a Sonic Rush-style platformer.
  • The console versions will follow in the footsteps of Colors, Unleashed, and Generations, with 2D and 3D sections.
  • Splitting paths will return, though taking divergent routes will lead to different endings of the same stage. Depending on the path you take, you’ll end up going to different stages.
  • The final stage count hasn’t been confirmed, but current target is 20 stages
  • About 10 non-Sonic characters will be unlockable by beating stages as Sonic, but none of these will be “new friends.”
  • Certain characters’ exclusive abilities will allow them to traverse certain areas more easily than others, a la Knuckles in Sonic & Knuckles.
  • The 3DS game will be much smaller in scope, though it will try to keep some of the unlockable characters and the alternate path level design.

Wow. About 90% of these fall completely in line with what I want from a Generations sequel, or even the oft-requested Sonic Adventure 3. Especially exciting is that hefty stage count, which is one of the only places where Generations was really hurting. Bringing back too many characters is playing with fire, though.

We’ll keep you updated the moment any of this comes true.

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

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  1. “The console versions will follow in the footsteps of Colors, Unleashed, and Generations, with 2D and 3D sections.” Dang not this again.

    Hm so the vita version might be on equal as the consoles. I like how I read somewhere that 10 percent of Sonic Racing Transformed sold on the vita. I’d love a full adventure to take on the go with it, as that the platform I got racing on.

  2. “About 10 non-Sonic characters will be unlockable by beating stages as Sonic, but none of these will be “new friends.””

    Anyone past Knuckles counts as a “new friend” in my book.

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