Sonic is getting turned into giant wall stickers and party masks

sonic wall

So you know those vinyl wall stickers that are all the rage now? Well, Sonic and his friends are jumping into the mix as Sega Europe has struck a deal with Peelze and Mask-arade. Peelze will be doing the wall stickers, while Mask-arade will be making actual Sonic party masks.

Ray Duffy of Mask-arade is very excited about the new development saying,

“We are delighted to be working with Sega. Sonic is one of the world’s best-known video game characters, this character marks the start of a new genre or Mask-arade. The Sega team in London and Japan have been brilliant to work with, and Mask-arade is looking forward to rolling out the new designs to new and existing customers.”

I’m honestly surprised we haven’t seen these earlier than now. The kid in me wishes he had a giant Knuckles on his wall to keep my standee company. So who else is going as Sonic for Halloween?


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