Grab the Genesis classic Super Mario 4: Space Odyssey on eBay

gameSniped has spotted a seller on eBay selling a ton of pirated and unreleased Genesis games. At least I’d assume their pirated as I don’t remember several Mario games coming out for the Genesis, a sequel to the original Aladdin, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Legend Returns (complete with a label taken straight from the recent TMNT CGI movie) and all kinds of “15 in 1” cartridges.

What’s great is the seller has embedded video footage for all the games he’s selling in the auction listings. The majority of the games I watched are completely in Russian and they all feel a little off. Mario is definitely not up to par with the SNES offerings but it’s still fun to see him being playing on a Genesis system.

Anyone considering picking up some of these extremely rare pirated Russian games? Which ones?

[Source: gameSniped]

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  1. I just purchased this for $10 on aliexpress.

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