The Cave makes its way to Ouya library


With the Ouya making its way to stores soon it’s time to start looking at what games the Android console can provide us with. Double Fine is actually going to be adding their Sega collaboration The Cave to the system in a bid to add to the machines log of exciting downloadable titles. However don’t get too excited over that idea just yet as producer Greg Rice has confirmed that development of the Ouya port hasn’t even started yet.

Double Fine’s other game, Reds (that Kick-started adventure game) will also be coming to the console, although release dates are of course still in the air at this point. The console itself is due to surface in June and I’m personally very happy to see Sega have some (admittedly small) presence on the new console. Who knows, maybe if this does well it will prompt Sega to look to the Ouya for more releases. In the meantime you can check out our review of The Cave right here if you want to know what to expect when the game will make its way to the Ouya in the near future.

[Source: Polygon via Destructoid]