Rumor: Yu Suzuki talks to Sony about Shenmue III


In a recent tweet from Meggan Scavio, general manager of the Game Developers Conference, she hints that Yu Suzuki talked “strategy” with Mark Cerny about the long-awaited sequel to Shenmue.

As everyone knows, fans have been holding off for a Shenmue III for over a decade, rumors and speculations popping up here and there. Recently, rumors went around that Yu Suzuki considered the possibility of funds through Kickstarter. Yesterday morning, March 29th, Meggan Scavio posted said tweet, complete with a picture of Cerny and Suzuki standing side-by-side. Check it out after the jump.

As you can see, they are clearly in the picture together, but all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Could this actually be true, or some extremely cruel joke? Do you think Sony would give funding for Shenmue III? I sure hope so, Shenmue is my favorite game series next to Phantasy Star!


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  1. i dont want to sound negative but the making of shenmue is really up to them or is it Sega, the best case scenario will be that something like bayonetta 2 happens and Sony gets behind it since Sega maybe can´t afford in making the game.
    Lets hope it does happens since they are a lot of fans, never played shenmue myself but the game has to have something to make such a fandom

  2. Sony…


    …Shenmue 3?


    I’ll take it in any format now

    • I took it as an Xbox title, I’ll take it as a PS4 title. Just anything to make it happen.

      • I didn’t hehe *import PAL version FTW!*

        And the difference between MS and Sony is that the PS2 dvd player was instrumental in the ejection of Sega from the console race. Seeing Sega franchises for any Sony machine still makes me uncomfortable, just like Nintendo.

        But hey, at least they are still making games

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