New Megadrive/Genesis handheld to be shown off at Gadget Show Live


FunStock, online retailer for products like the recent NeoGeo X Gold and other Sega handhelds, have announced that they will be presenting a the new Megadrive Arcade Ultimate Portable at the upcoming Gadget Show Live convention.

The new handheld boasts a bigger screen at 2.8″, 6 buttons, an SD cards slot, a rechargeable battery and an AV cable to play the system on your TV. Overall, it sounds like a nice system to have if you’re looking to play some Genesis games on the go and it will retail for about $75.

Anyone interested in picking this up? Have you played any other third-party Genesis systems?

[Source: Gamasutra]


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  1. Wait, that’s the Sonic 2 Beta title screen. How strange of them to out it on the device’s screen like that.

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