Atsushi Inaba chats about Bayonetta's Umbran Climax

Bayonetta 2 looks to have a few changes to the familiar formula we saw 3 years ago with the original title. But while the basics seem to have stayed there should be a lot of new moves amongst the regular action. One of these changes would be the way that the titular character’s skills come into the mix. This was explained in one of the latest Nintendo Direct videos to come from E3 (viewable above). While various small concerns are addressed in the video, the main focus rests on the new attack system in place.

The main addition skill wise comes from Bayonetta’s new ‘Umbran Climax’ attack. This attack can reportedly be unleashed when you’ve built up enough magic under specific conditions. These powerful attacks will “substantially heighten the sense of release” in the games core combat. Continuing from this Atsushi Inaba explained the way this new system will effect the way you play:

Think of it as a game system where you can feel sensations that you couldn’t experience in Bayonetta 1. I think you’re going to like it.

New sensations? Sounds cool, huh? Well you better be prepared to unleash all this pent up action lingering inside you when the game launches on the Wii U in 2014.

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