Is Sega turning into a PC publisher?

In an intriguing turn of fiscal events, Sega could be shifting it’s focus to developing and publishing primarily for the PC. In a recent article by Fortune Tech, analysts reveal that game revenues for PC are 2.5% more than TV display based platforms. While this may not seem like much, the difference is a few billion dollars.

In Sega’s case, some their best selling franchises: Company of Heroes, Total War, and Football Manager are all PC based developments. And the Total War property has seen 2 million units sold in the last year alone. In addition to that, the latest Football Manager was the fastest selling entry in the history of the franchise.

Honestly, this makes perfect sense for Sega to focus on the PC. Other than the partnership with Nintendo, and the poorly received Aliens: Colonial Marines, their console presence has certainly cooled over the last few years.

What do you think? Should Sega embrace the PC to stay afloat?

[Source: Fortune]

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  1. The only console games they are releasing that are the least bit interesting (for me) are almost all Japan only. The PC division has some cool properties though. Further, outside of Yakuza Team, they seem to have way better quality control & programmers on their PC side. So yeah, if that status quo is going to be maintained, then just abandon the console side altogether.
    However, Sega is one of the bidders for Atlus, and if they win the bid and KEEP the Atlus programmers, things could turn around. I think Sega’s spent too many of it’s post DC years being cheap, and allowing their best and brightest to get away.

    • Very good points. I feel we’re on the precipice of a paradigm shift with games. The PC is constantly gaining popularity thanks to Steam. No console seems to offer a service as qualitative as Steam for the same price.
      The nature of consoles in general are becoming closer to PC’s in terms of builds. The only thing consoles can really offer that is different comes down to the niche peripherals like Kinect.
      It is an interesting time we are entering into indeed.

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