Check out this awesome documentary of Summer of Sonic


Conventions are an amazing thing. Nowhere else can you geek out and be surrounded by hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of other geeks doing the exact same thing. Usually conventions cover a large variety of things, and it’s rare that a convention succeeds based on a single idea. Well, Summer of Sonic defies all that. The documentary above does an excellent job of showcasing how the event started out as a website meeting, turned into local pub meetings, and then evolved into a massive meeting of all things Sonic.

Having never attended this, or Sonic Boom, I really do want to do everything in my power to check one of these conventions out someday. Has anyone been to Summer of Sonic or Sonic Boom? If so, please brag about it in the comments below!

[Source: TSSZ News]

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  1. The U.K.’s love of Sonic and all things Sega always makes me jealous

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