It's Hulk-a-Mania in Fire Pro Wrestling D In English!

fire pro wrestling D

Thanks to the folks over at ReviveDC Project, the classic Dreamcast game Fire Pro Wrestling D is now available for download in a complete English translation and all in time for the Dreamcast’s 14th birthday. What better way that to celebrate Sega’s dream machine than with a game that never made it off Japanese shores?

Fire Pro Wrestling D is not known for amazing 3D graphics and does not push the Dreamcast hardware all that much. Instead, its 2D style, great gameplay, and unique grappling system have made this title a fan favorite. Fire Pro Wrestling D offers several different federations to choose from and has a huge variety of wrestlers with many of the classics such as Andre the Giant, Bret Hart, and Hulk Hogan.

If you’re looking for a wrestling game that does away with all the flashy lights and glitz then Fire Pro Wrestling D is just the game for you. It’s old school arcade wrestling action plain and simple. Go download it and try to win your own championship today!

[Source: ReviveDC Project]